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2023 Team GA Junior Women's Dual Team

2023 Team GA Junior Women's Dual Team

A message from the Team Georgia Wrestling Womens Director:

The 2023-24 Folkstyle season concludes it is exciting to see all of the girls wrestling this year so far.  We have seen more girls wrestling this year than ever before. In 2021-22 high school season, there were 812 high school girls participating.  At the close of the 2022-23 season there were 1222 girls!  USA Girls Wrestling continues to grow year over year with 506 girls having USAW memberships.  
This year we mark history in Georgia as we had our first ever U17 World Team Member in May Prado.  May represented the USA at the U17 World Championsips in Istanbul, Turkey back in August.   
As the new Olympic Styles season begins, our goal is to continue to grow girls wrestling in Georgia.  We have seen a lot of growth among our high school girls and that is due to the efforts that each of you have made in welcoming girls into your wrestling rooms.  We are far from done and I appreciate all that you do.  
One of our major goals for this season is to continue promoting participation of girls in age groups 14U and below.  There will be additional resources here that I hope will help in your efforts.
In closing, I want to say thank you again for all that you do.  We all play a part in the continued growth of girls wrestling.  Everytime a girl steps the mat to wrestle a match, she makes a difference.  Every time a coach talks to young ladies about how they too can wrestle, they make a difference.  When girls are able to encourage other young ladies to step on a mat and lace up their shoes, they make a difference.
Best wishes to everyone for a successful and healthy Olympic Styles season!  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you out on the mat.   If you ever have questions or even have ideas on how we can grow, please feel free to reach out using the email address below.
Donell Bradley
Womens Director
Team Georgia Wrestling

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