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How do I become at USA Coach?

Your child is new to wrestling and you want to coach them in the corner at tournaments but not sure what to do?

To become a USA coach you will need to become a member first.  Go to   USA Wrestling Membership ( to become a member. You will need first to create an account, then follow the steps of getting a background check and completing SafeSport.  In 10-14 days, you will receive notice that your background check is complete, and you will then be able to purchase a coach's membership.

Do I need a Bronze card to Coach?

Team Georgia requires coaches to attend a USA National Education Coaches - Bronze clinic to coach wrestlers at Qualifiers & the Kids State events.  A Bronze certification is also required at most regional and national level events. Once you have a login to the membership page, you will be able to review Bronze Class information here:  USA Wrestling Membership (

What if I am a High School Wrestling Coach?  

Anyone wanting access to the mats to coach or take pictures will need a USA Coaching membership.  This is renewed every year.  Even if you are a High School Coach, you need a USA Coaching membership and Safesport. For Team Georgia Kids Qualifiers & Kids State events, Team Georgia will accept the USA Wrestling Leader card and either a Bronze Card or a GHSA Coaches card for mat access. All leader cards require Safesport.

Benefits of a USA Coaches Membership

Why do I need to be a USA Coach to be on the mats when by child is wrestling?

Holding a valid USA Coaching card has benefits -  Coaching Benefits

In addition, by showing your valid USA Coaching card and photo ID, you will receive free admission into all local regular season Open/1st Year Team Georgia events.