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Team Georgia Tournament FAQ's

Tournament Information

If you are looking for information on:

  • Tournament Start Times
  • How to Register for a Tournament
  • Essential Items to bring to a Tournament
  • How to read a Bracket
  • Weigh in procedures
  • Standard Admission Rate

 and other information can be found in our documents section.

Team Georgia Documents

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Start Times

REGULAR SEASON OPEN TOURNAMENTS - (Does not include, ES/MS Dual State or Kid's State)

New weigh-in and competition times

Weigh Ins 6:45–7:30 Start Time 8:00 for 6/8U

Weigh Ins 9:45–10:30 Start Time 11:00 for 10U

Weigh Ins 12:45–1:30 Start Time 2:00 for 12/14U

1st Year Tournaments -  Please check flyers for times

What are the ages & weights I can chose from?

When you register online for a tournament, the system will only allow you to chose the division you qualify for based on your date of birth.  Based on the age division, you will have a list of weight classes to chose from.  Different events offer different weight classes.  Please see the age charts here: Schedule of Tournaments (

How do I know what age & weight to register my wrestler?

When you purchase your wrestler's USA card, the wrestler's date of birth is entered.  The date of birth will determine what age group he/she qualifies for.  The registration system will only allow you to register for the age division he/she qualifies for.  Sometimes, they can choose to wrestle "up," which is to wrestle in a class with older wrestlers. 

What weight should I put my child in?

You must chose a weight class that your wrestler can weigh less than.  If you child weighs 105.6 at practice and your choice is 100, 105 or 110, you will need to decide if they can weigh in for the tournament the morning of or the night before at 105.0 or less if you want to register them for 105.  If they weigh 105.1 they will be scratched and their registration forfeited.  Typically it is better to give the kids a little room and chose the next class up.  So for the 110 weight class, most wrestlers will weigh in between 100-110.0.  

Tournament Admission Standard Fees

All Team Georgia Events charge admission fees to enter.  100% of these admission fees go to the school hosting the event.  These events are fund raisers for their wrestling program. 

Regular Season and 1st Year Tournaments -

$10 family of 5 or less or $7 per person. 

My wrestlers weight class was grouped?

There are 2 ways to host an event, it is either to bracket before weigh ins or bracket after weigh ins.  For anyone that wrestled 10 years ago, you can remember getting to an event, hand filling out registration cards, waiting to weigh in and then having to wait an hour to several hours depending on the size of the event.  Using Online registration has many benefits.  The host can prepare with volunteers, mats, concessions, officials by knowing how many wrestlers will attend.  

However, when bracketing prior to weigh ins, we do not know what each wrestler weighs.  Rebracketing after weigh ins, would add a large time delay to the start of the event.  This is why your wrestler must make their bracketed weight to be eligible to wrestle.  When our volunteers bracket an event, they look at the best way to get all registered wrestlers as many matches as possible.  

Weight classes will be grouped at every event other than Kids Folkstyle State & Qualifiers.

When your wrestler is grouped, your wrestler only has to make the upper weight class.  If you are not comfortable with the weight grouping you can send an email to and we can move your registration to a future event.  You can also forfeit a particular match.  

Please understand, that because wrestlers are scratched if they do not make weight, a large number of wrestlers weigh less than the max.  If the options are 75 & 90, wrestlers in the 90-pound bracket typically weight between 73-88.  If they are close to 90, they go up to the next weight.  We make an attempt to get all wrestlers matches.

Tournament Registration

Q.  Do I need to register online?

A.  Yes, the only way to wrestle in a tournament is to register online prior to the tournament registration being closed.

Q.  How much does registration cost?

A.  Most events cost $25 per wrestler's age/weight class.  Tournaments with special awards are usually $30.

Q.  How do I register?

A.  Tournament links will be listed on the website homepage for quick reference.

Q.  Can my wrestler register for 2 weight classes?

A.  Yes, in Open events, you can register for 2 weight classes.  In 1st Year events, you can only register in 1 weight class.

Q.  When will registration close?

A.  When the tournament has maxed out or typically 9am on the Friday morning immediately prior to the Saturday or Sunday event. Keep in mind, if the tournament hits the max number of registrants, it could close several days early.  Be sure to register early. 

Q.  If the tournament is not on Saturday or Sunday will it still close at 10pm on Thursday?

A.  No, it may close earlier or later.  Contact the Tournament Director for the exact date the event will close.

Q.  Why does a tournament max out?

A.  Team Georgia & the Tournament host want to offer the parents and wrestlers a quality tournament.  Well run events can run about 35 wrestlers per mat per 4 hour session.  If an event is running 2 sessions and 4 mats per session, it will max out at about 280 wrestlers.

Q.  What if no one my wrestlers age/size registers, will I lose my registration fee?

A.  At every event we may group your wrestler with other wrestlers close to his age/weight.  Typically we will group to make sure that everyone is in at least a 3 man bracket.  We will not group 2 bracket with 8 wrestlers each to make a 16 man bracket.  But we may group 8 kids at 45 pounds, with the 2 kids at 50 pounds.  We will also try to not group 2 groups of 5/6 to make a 10-12 man bracket.  5 Man brackets and smaller will be round robins.

Q.  My wrestler weighs 48 pounds and I registered him/her for 50 pounds and he/she was put in the 50-55 bracket but weighs less than 50 pounds?  Why?

A.  When a bracket says 50-55 - it does not mean the wrestlers weigh between 50 & 55 pounds, it means it contains wrestlers that registered for 50 pounds and 55 pounds.  So typically those wrestlers will weigh between 44.5-54.5.

Q.  My wrestler was registered for 50 and was grouped with the 55 pounders, does he still need to weigh in at 50.0 or less?

A.  NO - if your bracket reads 50-55, then they only need to weigh 55.0 or less.