Wrestling Schedule of Events

Sunday, January 28th, 2024

6:45am-7:30 Weigh Ins- Doors will Open at 6:45  1st Session - MS Small/Large Divisions & ES Training Center

8:00am  Opening Remarks/National Anthem

               Wrestling starts for the following Divisions:

               Middle School Large Divisions

               Middle School Small Divisions 

               Elementary School Training Center Division Mats 1-5 for Pool Play but will go to mats 1-6 for Brackets. 

10:45am Weigh ins will open for 2nd session

               Middle School Training Center Weigh In Begins

                Elementary School Club Division Weigh In Begins

Session 2 will begin at the conclusion of session 1. 


Awards ceremonies will take place at the end of each session.

If  wrestler is wrestling both sessions, the 1st session weigh in will carry over to the 2nd session.  Wrestler will not weigh in twice.