State Dual Weigh-in Information

There will not be satellite weigh ins for this tournament.  

Weigh-in Schedule: 

Sunday January 28th DOORS OPEN at 6:45AM for weigh ins

          Middle School Large/Small School Division

          Elementary School Training Center Division

Sunday January 28th WEIGH IN LINE WILL OPEN 10:45 and will remain open until 11:30. 

           Middle School Training Center Division

           Elementary School Club Division


Weigh-In Procedure:

1.  WEIGH IN must be as a team. Teams will need to be in line before the designated weigh in time.  One of the Team Coaches will gather their team prior to the beginning of the weigh-in period.

2.  The Coach will present each wrestler of their team in weight class order to the scale operator. 

3.  At the completion of the Team Roster, the coach will sign an official copy of the weigh-in sheet.  Weigh-in sheet will be given to a Team Georgia representative, copied and distributed to all other team coaches.

4.  Weight challenges will be handled by the Head Official and Team Head Coach. 

a. If the wrestler is over the allowable weight class on the initial weigh-in, the wrestler in question will be taken to 3 other official scales where the wrestler will be instructed to step on/off the scale by Head Official. 

b. If wrestler is still over after the challenge procedure is complete, they will be allowed to wrestle in the next weight class higher for the duals (if one is available).

c. Team Head Coach will verify challenge procedure and sign off on official weight.

5. If wrestler is wrestling both sessions, his/her weight from session 1 will carry over to session 2.  Wrestler does not have to weigh in twice.  For timing purposes, please advise wrestler to tell weigh in crew they are wrestling both sessions.